Whakaari Ataata

A Warm Welcome to the Kimroy Bailey Group😘

The Kimroy Bailey Group® is a multi billion dollar company 💰owned by the Trott Bailey Family. The KB Group is the world's number one renewable energy and robotics enterprise 🏆.

The Kimroy Bailey Group is wholly owned by the larger than life Trott-Bailey Family 👨‍👩‍👧. Our family currently includes the Buff Body Builder Kimroy Bailey💪 and Food lover Sher Trott-Bailey 🍜 and the Ever Happy Baby Keilah 💖. Our lovely trio loves to travel the world and enjoy life to the fullest.

Whakaari Ataata

How the KB Group Began?

KB & Sher were at a football game and Sher said to KB

"You need to start making your own Robotics Kit, Babes"

Whakaari Ataata

Sher took out a loan for her husband and they bought their first 3D Printer

Na tenei ka pa ki te hanganga o

  • The Bailey Botics™ Firefighter robot
  • Rasta Karetao ™
  • Bailey Bionics™ robots were created.

Today KB Group is the world’s largest manufacturer of educational robots​

Shop KB Robotics

Individual Kits and Corporate / Group Packages

Online Robotics Course

The Kimroy Bailey Group offers numerous online robotics training program for persons 9 years old to 109 years old. Our programs are accredited by the Trott Bailey University

Robotics Kits

Kimroy Bailey Group subsidary KB Robotics manufactures a wide range of robotics products for education, manufacturing and renewable energy industries

Robotics Events

Kimroy Bailey Robotics develop mobile application that suits any corporation's requirement

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